Posted by: thedakotakid | 13 May, 2009

Gangwon FC 11.04.09

Gangwon FC 11.04.09, originally uploaded by thedakotakid.

First FC game of the year for me! I have been to a few more, but the club is not doing well :(
Click on the photo for more pics from the match!

Posted by: thedakotakid | 13 May, 2009

Germany 2009

I know…it took me 3 months to post photos, but I have been busy doing…hmmm, what have I been doing!!! the weather was cold, snowy or rainy…not exactly the best time to be in Germany. This time I spent a week in Kaiserslautern and then traveled through the Mosel and Eiffel areas near the Luxemburg/French borders. Plenty of small villages, traditional mustard mills, great food, good company…and snow. It was so cold, they had to have small ice breakers on the Rhine, Mosel and other rivers to allow for barge traffic to keep moving!

For all photos, click here:

Posted by: thedakotakid | 13 November, 2008

Baekdam-sa Temple Stay _18.10.08

I was on a three day Templestay about a month ago in the area near Mt Seoraksan. Great scenery, cool air, 3 am wake up and vegetarian food…not all bad! Click on the image to be taken to more photos from this trip

Baekdam-sa Temple Stay _18.10.08
Baekdam-sa Temple Stay _18.10.08 by thedakotakid on Zooomr

Posted by: thedakotakid | 27 October, 2008

Arboreum Forest festival 17.10.08

Chuncheon gardening club and the forestry studies department from the uni put on a nice show.  Good weather, great scenery

For more pics, click on the photo below..

Arboreum_Forest Show_17.10.08
Arboreum_Forest Show_17.10.08 by thedakotakid on Zooomr

Posted by: thedakotakid | 15 September, 2008

Sachang Tomatofest

Sachang Tomatofest, originally uploaded by thedakotakid.

Fun, sun and lotsa tomatoes! No, I did not play Tomato Soccer, but I did give it some thought.

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